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Woodstick Swab, Cotton Tip (Pack of 250)


Woodshaft with Cotton Tip, in Tube. For Patient use.

Recommended For:
General Purpose Patient sampling where the sample must be protected during transport.

Ideal For:
General swabbing & laboratory techniques.

Shelf Life: 2 years.

Known Limitations:
1. DO NOT REUSE. Single use Device that is not suitable for re-work or reuse.

2. Certain viruses and Micro-organisms have reduced viability on dry swabs so immediate transfer or premoisten with 1-2 drops of sterile saline after sampling is permitted (if lack of exudates) when transport is necessary to prevent cell stress or no recovery.

3. Due to the composition of the shaft material, the product is not recommended for patient use where shaft flexibility is a necessity/required. Use TS/17-A250.

4. Not recommended for chlamydial sampling due to tip material.

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