DAILY SHIFT HEAD – Sterile aspirating head for TRIO.BAS™ air samplers

  • The sterile Daily Shift aspirating head is sterile and avoids the sterilization of stainless steel aspirating heads.
  • The sterilization is proven by an official certificate. This document is requested by regulatory authorities.
  • The double irradiated sterile packaging allows the users to always have aspirating heads ready for use, allowing better use of operators time.
  • The transparency of the sterile Daily Shift is useful to check that the culture plate is inserted correctly in the aspirating chamber.
  • Main customers for sterile Daily Shift are pharmaceuticals, cleanrooms, biotech, agro-food industries, dairy, catering, HACCP, beverage, cosmetic, sewage treatment plant, outdoor environment, primary and secondary schools, hospital, clinic, microbiological labs, HVAC building monitoring, environmental labs, healthcare ambient monitoring, health autorities.
  • They are suitable for all TRIO.BAS™ air samplers.
  • Shelf life: 6 years from the date of sterilization.
  • Immediate availability of sterile aspirating head
  • Replacement of s/s aspirating head in case of autoclave servicing problems or overload production activity.

The below graphic outlines how money can be saved through this product.

Samples are available for validation.

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