The TQC DewCheck 4 – Dewpoint Meter (DPM)/ Dewmeter is an extremely versatile dewpoint meter to measure and record all climate parameters required to treat surfaces. This easy to use and robust dewmeter conforms to ISO 8502-4 & ASTM D3276-07 and measures the relative humidity (%RH), ambient temperature (Ta) and surface temperature (Ts) and calculates the dewpoint temperature (Td) and the difference between the dewpoint temperature and the surface temperature (ÄT). The difference between the surface temperature and dewpoint temperature indicates the optimal climate conditions for painting. All parameters can be stored in the dew meter’s memory, tagged with a date and time.

For communication between DewCheck 4 dewmeter and a PC the DewCheck dew meter USB cable is standard supplied. To analyze the data the DewCheck 4 comes with the special Ideal Finish Analysis software. This software is the most advanced temperature and humidity monitoring software package for Dew-point Meters available today. It offers user friendly reporting functions for standard production work as well as advanced calculations for in depth analysis of the climate parameters prior to coating. Detailed graphic representations and custom reports help to make the right decisions.


– The one hand operation of DewCheck4, keeps one hand free for the operator.
– DewCheck 4 has an easy menu-driven user interface in the language of your choice.
– Clear illuminated display of DewCheck4 shows all 5 parameters in one glance including battery status.

– The Rugged gauge of Dew Check 4 is designed for use in harsh industrial environments.
– Dew Check 4 has all build-in probes. No sensitive sensor cables that get stuck or damaged.
– Rubber injected case for protection and firm grip.
– Extremely rugged surface probe is supported by thermal conductive rubber.
– Wrist strap prevents dropping the Dew Check 4.
– Three AA standard batteries ensure Dew Check 4 can be used continuously for a maximum of 400! hours.

– High-end industrial sensors combined with sophisticated calibration procedures guarantee the highest accuracies for extreme long terms. Up to 2 years guaranteed!
– DewCheck 4 conforms and exceeds ISO 8502-4.
– Reference calibrators are used for each calibration of DewCheck 4.
– Trend indicator shows when DewCheck 4 is acclimatized and reads the correct values..
– RH-probe is equipped with a unique integrated filter to protect the sensor from most airborne contaminations.
– Double contact push buttons for secure navigation through DewCheck 4 menu.

– To be used as real-time handheld gauge.
– Converts easily in a stand-alone data logger with the optional Dock-unit.
– Log data while measuring or choose automatic interval data logging.
– Build-in LED backup-torch, great in confined spaces.

– Limits can be set for each parameter. Acoustic and visual alarms when exceeding an active limit.
– Hold / freeze function.
– Choose Celsius / Fahrenheit.
– Detailed battery indicator.
– User-defined time and date notations.

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