To All Microbiologists

We offer a range of laboratory requirements to microbiology labs . From microbial cultures to sterile pipettes; petri dishes to biological indicators; sterile containers to autoclave accessories; Loops and spreaders to personal protective equipment . Truly a once stop shop for the microbiologist. Contact us for further information...More

Filtration and Seperation Solutions

Arete offers a wide range of filtration and separation solutions from Pall Corporation. Products include membrane filters, syringe filters, separators and filters for services (gases, water). We offer a range of cartridge filters for processes and laboratory in various materials – cellulose, PTFE, PES, nylon, polypropylene – and sizes. Applications include pharmaceutical production, food...More

Microbial Cultures

Arete offers a range of biological reference materials and tests in various formats, from our principals MICROBIOLOGICS INC. all sourced from the world’s leading collections. Specialising in producing lyophilized microorganism preparations for use in the clinical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, dietary supplement, food, water, environmental and educational industries. Contact us for any microbial cul...More

New Website Launched!

We are proud to launch our new website The website contains information about our company Arete and the list of products we  import and distribute. Feel free to contact us if you require any information about any of our products....More