Christmas Shutdown

We are currently out of office and will be back on the 6th of January. Wishing all our clients and suppliers a wonderful Christmas and start to the New Year. ...More

Wood Moisture Tester from TQC Sheen

Introducing the Wood Moisture Tester from TQC SHEEN A must have gadget, specifically designed for the timber industry, with eight calibration scales, allowing the user to take accurate moisture measurements in 150 wood species.  For more info:…/wood-moisture-tester-with-tempe…/ Or contact us for quote #moisture #conductivity #wood ...More

Dataloggers – Keeping It Cool with Temperature Monitoring

Over the past few years we have developed a system using dataloggers, which allows us to record the temperatures at which our Microbiologics, Inc. products travel all the way from the US to Malta. Temperatures are monitored at every stage, from shipment from our supplier, to storage in our fridges, to delivery to our clients, ensuring the integrity of the product.  Contact us...More

Science Students – Back To School

Wishing all students studying the sciences a great start to the new scholastic year! 👨🏼‍🔬👩🏻‍🔬 Lab coats, safety specs, dissection kits, pipette fillers all available in stock. ...More

Microbiologics – 2019 EMEA Distributor Meeting

Proud to have once again formed part of Microbiologics, Inc. EMEA Distributor Meeting. Filled with fresh energy to keep moving forward with the Microbiologics, Inc. mission - "to provide the highest quality of biomaterials for a safer and healthier world." ...More

Microbiologics – 2019 EMEA Distributor Meeting

Starting our week at the Microbiologics, Inc. EMEA Distributor Meeting, with CEO Brad Goskowicz bringing us up to speed on Microbiologics current and future plans and General Manager of EMEA, Peter Penn sharing insight on smart selling. 💪🏼  ...More

Custom Built Laboratories – A Perfect Fit

At Arete Ltd, we provide the consultation and preparation of your laboratory layout. We then work closely with our partners to select the right materials to construct a laboratory which is built to last. Our most recent job involved a client who approached us to find a way to make best use of the space available. We worked together with our partners Queen's Furniture to make this happen, in o...More

9 Tips for Students Pursuing a Career in Microbiology

As a microbiology student, you have a passion for understanding the microscopic organisms that live on, in, and all around us. Even though you love your field of study, leaving school and starting your career can be intimidating. So, what can you do to be successful? Microbiologics, Inc. asked their employees to share some advice with the future generation of laboratorians about to step into...More